Monday, September 26, 2011

Drilldowns using Minibuttons on form applets

I was looking for a convenient way for users to navigate to the service request from an activity form applet. From a list applet a drill down is a very effective tool for users to navigate - the breadcrumb provides context and quick backwards navigation, but how can we use drill downs from a form applet?

This is the final product:

Obviously, using scripting we can use GoToView, but I wanted to create a code free solution, so I used a "Named Method". On my form (which is based on the Action bc)

Create two user properties on the applet:
Name: CanInvokeMethod: GoToSR
Value: [SR Number] is not null

Name: Named Method: GoToSR
Value: 'INVOKE', 'DrillDown', '"Service Request"'

Add a new control:

Name: xxx
HTML Type: MiniButton
Method Invoked: GoToSR
Runtime: true
Field: Activity SR Id

I bolded the Field property because it's non-intuitive: why would I define a field for a button? The field on the button is the context for the drilldown object:

Name: Service Request
Hyperlink Field: Activity SR Id
View: Service Request Detail View
Source Field: Activity SR Id
Business Component: Service Request
Destination Field: Id

If the field is left blank on the button an error like the one below will appear:
The drilldown isn't defined or enabled on the button because it doesn't have a field.

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