Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Infopath and Siebel integration

Why would one want to integrate InfoPath and Siebel? Here are some reasons that I thought of:
  • Siebel data is highly structured - it's a relational database after all
  • InfoPath is based on semi-structured data - it's document focused
  • Siebel releases take months
  • InfoPath forms can be updated and released the same day
InfoPath may already be in use as a flexible data capture tool that can be line of business and process specific. It has a great declarative designer that can be used by non-programmers and technical BA's. Also, because it's based on XML, the form data can travel wherever XML is accepted.

Siebel on the other hand is a great work package management tool in directing and assigning work to teams and users. It manages the life cycle of work. Stitching the two tools together is not so easy and requires a bit of thinking for how things need to work together.

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